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  To Alexis: who has always believed in me. If I write this book to try to make money or to gain recognition and respect as an author and student of life, I will fail. This book is about enthrallment to ideas, to human abstract inventions, which realise a virtual slavery of most human beings. My motive for writing must be to fully understand that notion and articulate it to others. Perhaps some other authors may be able to work without such motivation. I cannot! My mind doesn't work that way. That is not to say that I would not be happy to have recognition, respect and material comfort (including, especially, the ability to properly care for my children); it only says it cannot be my primary reason to write.

Other's Dedication

  I don't expect to have this work well received by traditional publishers or to make a lot of money but I will dedicate it to Life in the hopes it may contribute to survival; mine and everything else's. The least personal reward I can expect is an amusing way to use my time. That is reason enough to continue writing.


  The list of authors I've read who have either affirmed or inspired my thought about culture and society is nearly interminable. And, it is being constantly lengthened. But Aldous Huxley, Samuel Clements and Kurt Vonnegut are near the top. It is hard to say who is first. It is also difficult to distinguish between inspired and original thought. Since it isn't clear to me that any thought based on perceptions of the world of humanity can be wholly one's own, the distinction may be academic. We all build on what came before. Though it may all have been said before, it needs to be said again and again and again.


The characters and events in this book are fictional.

"Victor's Denial"

"What is it All About?"

  It is about a greedy minority looting our Planet (our reality) in general and our economy (our abstraction) in particular. The seemingly eternal game is played across the racial/ethnic spectrum by a small percentage of us all. The rest of us are complicit in the sin by our cooperation and submission to the elite who exploit us.

  It is about the delusion that we are just like them and would do the same given the chance; about the belief that we are only jealous of their condign superiority.

  It is about them filling their pockets at our expense and ignoring the consequences to the Planet and to us.

  It's about people, victims of downsizing and the "service economy", either struggling miserably to hang on or letting go and dying defeated and homeless.

  It is about the real consequences of greed; whether anyone intended them or not; whether anyone notices or not.

  Ultimately, it is about: who's side are you on?!


   I haven't had much luck getting through on this path but I'm trying again. Somehow I'm not surprised. Human Resource Departments lose my resumes and don't find them until after close dates. Clerks and other minor servo-mechanisms are programmed to not see me at all. Homeless people present a problem to be eliminated. Many people, in their literal minded simplicity, take this trite observation to a place I'd rather not go. It feels as if many have decided that since people disappear from society when their unemployment insurance expires, that the disappeared should not be seen or heard. We give the place a bad image. It's so easy, given modern media, to alter the history, knowledge, emotions and thoughts of the average citizen that the process I refered to isn't even noticed. A few of us recognized it in the sixties and after comparing it to Orwell's 1984, we were laughed into oblivion. A conditioned response I wasn't prepared for. But P.T. Barnum, I believe, said, aside from "there's a sucker born every minute", something to the effect that you can't go wrong under estimating the general public. Or was that William Randolph Hearst when boasting he could get US into a war with Spain (1898).

Tucson, late 1998

The Martyr, Chapter 1

The Ascetic, Chapter 2

The Revelation, Chapter 3

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