"The Stone Truth - 5"

Vera never gave up on getting it right. She stubbornly sought the truth long after the allotted time. The gift of the stone was a genuine asset but not without a price. She was emotionally and spiritually divorced from most of humanity. Her estrangement became clear to her when interviewed by the news media.

Charles Luce had quietly set her up. He didn't speak directly to the media this time. He worked best through subservient politicians. Chuck called president Weed and instructed him, "George, the natives are growing restless. They are being incited by that woman, Veracity. You shall let it be known that she is a threat to national security. If this is properly done, she will be discredited and nuetralized without the need for further action."

"It shall be so, sir!", was the enthusiastic response of the president of the United States. "I will carry out the orders. My instuction is clear."

When Chuck had hung up, the president called in an aid to pass on the instructions. Being a fine actor, the chief executive spoke as if the authority he represented was his own.

"Ms. Veracity, is it true that you were recruited and trained by the KGB before the defeat of Russia that ended the cold war?" Vera knew she was in for a difficult time. The imbecile media representative was not interested in the truth. His only desire was to verify the disinformation that had led him to seek the interview in the first place. He didn't believe he needed to ask exploratory questions. He had already jumped to the conclusions with which Weed had formed the reporters mind. Define information and instruction so!

Such are the conclusions of lost souls. Unfortunately for Vera, to be stripped of spirit is not to be without power. The common beliefs, the delusions of the massmind prop up even the weakest member of the group. Defense appeared hopeless. But hopelessness is the ultimate challenge to a person who has cultivated genuine inner strength.

This reporter had sufficient strength to overcome any defense Vera might mount to his false charges. Such power is instilled by socialization. Vanity requires that we believe it to be intrinsic or personally developed. We believe that we attain our positions because of who we are. The truth is the opposite. Identity comes with rank in our society. Our places are assigned according to our susceptability to influence by the group. Weakness is strength. Stupidity is necessary to success, up to a point.

The interviewer was well below that point. Vera felt sorry for him. "Recruited for what", she asked. It wouldn't be helpful to gift this man with the truth too quickly. Surpassing one's assigned intelligence index, when uninvited by the cynical (but stupid in a larger sense) elite, is disastrous to careers. Most people have learned to reject more knowledge than they need to perform their function. Such defense mechanisms are required for survival in the lower echelons of our culture.

"It's rumored that you've attacked the institution of freedom in private conversations and that ideas like yours are a threat to the American way of life" The reporter was well molded informationally, from a conservative's point of view.

Vera was saddened. "How was the so called attack carried out? What threats have I made?"

Protocol is the second to the last refuge of a scoundrel and/or a fool. "Hey, I'm asking the questions here!". Arrogance of artificial identity is a pitiful outlook. His tiny anger was restrained by the same sense of propriety that inspired it.

Vera wondered if the difference between his emotional dishonesty and schizophrenia was chemical or non-existent. "I don't know or care why you believe what you do. Perhaps you have mistaken me for someone else. The truth is: I seek only to clear my own mind so that I may cleanse my soul. That is a very personal process. Do you think your sins will be forgiven if you uncover mine?"

Kevin's response was automatic. He knew he could deal with this superstitious nut. "Do you oppose free enterprise?" As you can see, his fault tolerant programming is really quite excellent. He had blocked out any truth that didn't fit the standard data base and reverted to the original algorithm, repeating the function with an almost different argument.

But Vera had other plans. Kevin's unconscious mockery of ancient pharisees did not stimulate her enough to do anything but shake her head sadly and walk away.

"The Stone Truth - 6"

Veracity wondered what she could do specifically about the misconceptions and delusions suffered by the leaders and spread to the population. To have identified it as the "sickness of the soul of humanity" was not a cure. To have noticed Kevin's enthrallment, his quite normal presentation of one aspect of an atom of massmind did make her abnormal thought processes a little more clear. However, if she perfected her own mind, she was still not assured of being able to help anyone else. Miracles have not been and are not expected ever to be a part of her repertoire.

Only a miracle, it seems, could overcome the inertia of the massmind delusion. Perhaps an examination of basic thought can lead to a better understanding of soul sickness. It might even inspire a means to gain entry for the truth of the human condition to the conscious level in a few brains.

Have the thoughts that we entertain always been the same? Are we limited in imagination to producing social structures such as have dominated our world for the past ten thousand years or so? Are our economies doomed to control by an elite who hoard all that we produce? Can we only cooperate when commanded to do so for the benefit of our selfish rulers? What is the real self interest of the majority? All of these are developed, end product thoughts. What is primordial thought? Do our social structures derive uncorrupted from nature or are they abomination?

Consider a mind without enough stored knowledge to make comparisons with current sensory input. This brain has only the well being of its own body to consider. Incoming data will be primitively evaluated as a threat or an opportunity to fullfill a bodily need. Emotion will be the only basis of the assessment and will determine the response. At the basis of emotion is something we vaguely refer to as survival instinct or self preservation. We needn't explore this obvious truth any further. We've got the picture.

But that picture will change quickly. Soon we'll have gained experience that is the basis of knowledge. Our responses will begin to be qualifed by our past. The emotions felt at the time were linked to memory as the data was recorded. Our present response is affected by our past and todays feeling may be amplified or attenuated by feedback from memories of emotions.

Many things can happen to a person that affect development. We may be confused by disinformation. Our individual self interest may conflict with the group. But eventually our behaviors will have been molded by the data that has been input and is being input. Our collective behavior is the human condition.

If there are insufficient resources, individual self preservation dictates we will compete for them. But indulging infantile fear/anger results in greed and is an abomination of the human spirit. It is a perversion of the ability to think and distorts the thoughts themselves. It dehumanizes by robbing us of the thoughtful compassion that seems to distinguish us from other life on this Planet.

We are also capable of empathy. Most of us "feel" semi-intellectual emotions such as greed and compassion. Some of us internalize one and pretend to the other in order to gain social advantage. But, the importance of genuine compassion is to the survival of humanity, not the individual. The thought process is under developed if we don't consider others or do so only to attain superiority and indulge childish selfishness. Developed thought processes differentiate us from other animals. A life spent satisfiing childish greed blurs that distinction.

The natural social instinct of human beings is born of the group survival imperative. That is, the recognition that our self interest, our survival is best assured by placing group interest before individual desire. The group best protects us when it is protected.

The sickness of the soul of humanity begins with immature, self indulgent individuals who attempt to control the group for their own benefit. The delusion that greed and selfishness is our natural state spreads by contagion from the elite. This illness perpetuates itself because it exists. The irony is that selfish leaders prey on the human race to which they no longer really belong because they have so perverted their natures with greed.

People see improving the general well being as impossible because they believe we are all just like the elite who control us. They don't recognize the disinformation and lies that have brought them to this false conclusion because they don't see the nature of our social instinct or understand its relationship to survival. Most important of all, they don't see the recent evolution (recent being 1000 to 10000 years) of the soul sickness as a corruption of social instinct and a threat to the survival of our species. Whenever individuals pervert group dynamics for personal profit they threaten the common good.

The preceding is a black and white picture. It faithfully outlines the human condition and omits nothing that would change the broad conclusion that most of us are fools to tolerate our self destructive culture. It doesn't show the broad spectrum with which individuals are colored. Nor does it completely address the conflicts between reality and beliefs that cloud much of our thinking.

Veracity is all about sorting out the truth from the ensnaring lies. She desires to help others in turn. Most people understand that the elite cause the general misery by their childish greed. But we have been taught to fear that things can only get worse. This is part disinformation and part threat.

Vera conversed with many individuals before making the inferences about what ails us. She will need to talk to many more before completing the diagnosis much less formulating a prognosis for a cure.

Healing herself is within her grasp. Helping others to cure themselves may be a part of her potential.

"The Stone Truth - 7"

Genet, an individual, blasted forth, "it's all biology, survival of the fittest. The rich are rich because of their genes". Having heard this and other set pieces repeatedly regurgitated by Gen and many others, Vera suspected this strongly held dysfunctional belief to be the basis of a type of identity.

Veracity didn't want to directly engage the nature v. nurture distraction. She decided rather than be diverted from truth she would steer the discussion around to what is actually known. The turn would necessarily involve stopping and backing up. While doing so she would attempt to weaken the paralysing grip of the individuality requirement "The rich are rich because of their connections. They are a solidified group who depend on one another for support. Like a pack of jackals or an underworld mob, they count on the power of their group to overcome resistance by their slaves and discourage any self organization (by the employees) that might threaten the intellectual [spiritual] bonds that hold them.

"They pick us off individually but their abililty to do so has nothing to do with individual strength, merit or any dominant trait except the cowardice of gangster coercion. The very notion of individuality and the belief in personal identity facilitate the predations of the gang. We cling to our self images at the expense of our well being. This flies in the face of the obvious reality. It's all group dynamics, sociology... a human invention. How does biology contribute to the state of humanity?"

Genet was somewhat overwhelmed but she recovered quickly. "Well how do you explain it? What causes some people to act one way and some another?"

This was the opening that Vera had worked to create. "What is the biological mechanism of a given behavior?"

"It's genetic!" The forceful reiteration didn't impress Vera.

"OK, You speculate that a person reacts to a given stimulus due to some unkown physical characteristic. We know we react to outside stimulii. We know those stimulations can be duplicated by our memories when we are alone. We can hypothesise about some physical basis but we don't really know anything about it. So what should be the beliefs by which we guide our lives?."

"We guide our lives by individual self interest and that's why things are what they are. The rich are those who are best at it." Genet was prematurely exultant over her imagined triumph.

Vera asked the question that Gen begged. "Then should we consider unity of our group, the people who are preyed upon by a small part of the population, to be in our self interest?"

That was too much for Genet. She reverted to the shell. "That will never happen! It's not in our nature. Biology determines the way things are!"

Vera pressed home. "We don't know how biology causes us to act in a given way. We do know that outside stimulii and internal memories contribute to our emotions and the resultant behaviors. Is it better for us to react individually to organized gang tactics or to band together to fight the oppression? What is in our self interest?" Vera caught a breath but didn't give Genet time to respond before she had completed the thought.

"The genetic hypothesis is unnecessary to explain phenomena associated with the current state of humanity. It serves only to legitimize abuse. All behaviors can be understood as reaction to outside stimulii and internal replication of stimulation from memory of external events. Ocham's razor cuts any biological basis from the question. The simpler explanation is all that is required.

"The only proofs we have derive from sensory input. No biological basis can be adequately described. Therefore memory and current input are our only reliable data. That is all we need to explain or formulate our behavior.

"But the childish belief in social Darwinism serves the plutocrats. It is dysfunctional for the rest of us. To be free, to know truth we must excorcize corrupt principals, values and morality from our system."

Needless to say, Genet's program recovered and regained control as soon as Vera was out of sight. In Gen's mind her individual dominance reasserted itself. The image she retained of Vera was of a rather stupid and pitiable incompetant. Projection is what we do best. Dysfunctional self images assure our masters' continued well being...

In the beginning, at the dawn of history, we can see that small clans were regulated by their common beliefs and so maintained survivability. Some aboriginal peoples about the Earth have done so to this day. Shamans were and are chosen to help keep to the path of mutually supportive single layer life. This survival strategy, this economy, has been viable for over a million years.

In the end the economy is a vast pyramid that is crumbling as the individual members of the base compete with and destroy one another trying to rise to a higher level among the rocks. This is encouraged by the heads of stone at the top.

The leaders can't see the bottom through the haze of their privelege. They imagine themselves to be the grand culmination of evolution. Their self delusion is supportive of their greed. They don't understand the all too human nature of a pyramid but believe themselves to have been placed at the apex of their own abstract invention by God.

Foolish species like foolish individuals make themselves subject to extinction by a true and indifferent nature. No matter how high they stack themselves their dependency on the cooperation of others will bring them down as they destroy the base that supports their structure. Keep in mind: this anti-life construct is an abstract human invention. Though purely imaginary, it may have real and disasterous consequences.

The Shaman wouldn't have thought it possible to get here from there in a mere 10,000 years or less. Vera was forced by the system's reality to believe, as much as she was constrained by self preservation to oppose it.

"The Stone Truth - 8"

Vera placed the the stone on her forehead and mused:

I get from philosophical writings that the path to knowledge really begins after false knowledge is stripped away.

Is the primordial consciousness the transcendence of Group consciousness? Is it freedom from mob hysteria? Is it an assertion of individual consciousness stripped of the influence but not the knowledge of mass mind?

Ordinary leadership implies the occlusion of true knowledge by participation in mob think. Ideas that become common beliefs create the leaders that invent them. Those who believe their own lies are the most successful. They are considered to be sincere. That such is the dominant reality tends to prejudice the enlightened against leading. Perspective from a place outside and simultaneously at the center characterizes [in part] the enlightened mind.

Contemplate what it means to be outside the circle and in the center at the same time. It is understanding the interplay of sensory input, emotion, memory and memory of emotion. It knows that social instinct promotes group survival through the efficiency of common thoughts. But it is not influenced by the mass mind. It is outside the group but at the source of true thought. The transcendent individual may affect the group but unlike an ordinary leader the enlightened one is not controlled by the common consciousness. He or she possesses true freedom of thought.

Freedom of thought must be regulated by self discipline, if the thinker is to be useful to the self or others. The power of the group to enforce strictures, no matter how artificial, silly or based on false and corrupted principles the underlying mores may be, must be understood, if not quite respected. If we aren't effective, we can't bring about change. But if we play by their rules we are ineffective. The principles of the elite are based on selfish greed. That knowledge may allow us to transcend the dilemma.


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