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			    "Victor's Sun is the Father"

   I haven't had much luck getting through on this path but I'm trying
again.  Somehow I'm not surprised.  Human Resource Departments
lose my resumes and don't find them until after close dates.  Clerks
and other minor servo-mechanisms are programed to not see me at
all.  Homeless people present a problem to be eliminated.  Many
people, in their literal minded simplicity, take this trite observation
to a place I'd rather not go.  Someone has decided that since it has
been said that people disappear from society when their unemployment
insurance expires, that the disappearance ought to be active.  It's so
easy, given modern media, to alter the history, knowledge, emotions
and thoughts of the average citizen that the process I refered to isn't
even noticed.  A few of us recognized it in the sixties and after comparing
it to Orwell's 1984, we were laughed into oblivion.  A conditioned
response I wasn't prepared for.  But P.T. Barnum, I believe, said,
aside from "there's a sucker born every minute", something to the
effect that you can't go wrong under estimating the general public.
Or was that William Randolph Hearst when boasting he could get
US into a war with Spain (1898).
   I've taken part in few "actions".  My claim to the title "Activist" rests
on my writing.  If you're concerned with precise stereotyping, I guess
you should call me an activist theoritician.  At my age I deserve a
grandiose title and have lived enough history to justify that one.  Let
me know the outcome of the debate.  For now I'll be happy to assume
my right to sum up the problems requiring attention and what I know
to be the reasons they aren't getting it.
   Let's start with our inability to apply sufficient force to any one
problem.  Our focus has been fragmented since the end of the Vietnam War.
If those resistant to change had deliberately adopted a policy of divide
and conquer (of course they did, that's been a constant since Julius invented
it) they couldn't have fragmented and thus nuetralized us better than we have
done to ourselves.  But we're rats too, and we'll press the button or run the
maze for the pellet almost just like the rest.  Almost, because some of
us make an effort to be aware of the process. ...

											 Tucson, late 1997

   They pass by blurred by a prophylaxis of time.
   Encapsulated within the shell they are protected from the
   Random importunities of the superfluous.  With unceasing
   Urgency they seek their destinations.  Hurry up and die!

   The Dreamer

   Incidental Confrontation

   I'm at the bottom by society's measure.
   There is only one way to go.
   On my own scale I measure up well.
   They have no sense of value!

   Maintaining Contact
Homeless, jobless people have some liesure to deliberate on possible solutions to their problems. "Jesus is Wonderful!" Yet, if He'd been merely a man and worked no miracles And still lived and taught a life of compassion and joy And others had followed the example of the man (as we Have not followed the example of the Son of God), then He would have been so much more wonderful! Setting Aside Religion
Victor wants to be free and to help others to be free of slavery. He feels that evil is that which one doesn't like. Of course he knows that good is just as subjective. He likes freedom. He doesn't like masters or the overseers. He doesn't like the symbols which reinforce or represent slavery. As must be obvious to you by now, Victor is not very popular with masters or slaves. Bitterness isn't all there is to disclose of Victor's mind and it's not the best of his sense of humor. He feels those ideas and very much more should be as obvious and as clear as the knowledge that a minimum wage job will barely feed and clothe him and fail to provide a roof over his head. But he doesn't know if there is a way to express his knowledge which will break through the barriers society has built in the minds of it's members. Even his fellow rejectees echo the conditioned responses and standard rationalizations. What's a brother to do? Victor thinks about many things and I'll keep reporting them as .
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