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           Abnormal Psychology

I don't want advice!
I don't care about criticism!
I don't need approval or recognition!
I'm not competing with anyone!

           A Prayer

Mother Earth and Father Sun
I love you. Thank you and All,
The Universe for sharing the Joy of
Existence through the gift of Life.

God is the Joy of Being.
Life and consciousness are the
Incarnation of the Joy.

To live in Joy is to be healed.
To be healed is, without delusion, to live in Joy.

By declining to act God demonstrates
Indifference to the acts of humanity.
Perhaps God is not offended by stupidity?
I am offended!

I pray for the power to
Heal my species or the
Power to destroy the System
That prevents the people from healing themselves.


I denounce the notion that the
Human species is the rightful
Administrator of the Planet Earth!

I denounce the notion that the
Human species is the rightful
Administrator of the Planet Earth!

I denounce the notion that the
Human species is the rightful
Administrator of the Planet Earth!

Pretentious, arrogant, posturing, roll playing,
Impertinent, annoying, troublesome, tiring,
Childish idiots!

           About Eating Cake

How many times have you cynically said
The world's not fair!
Now you talk to me about what I deserve.
Deserve only has meaning in a just world.
It's a fair world when it suits your purpose.
Take your idiotic shit and put it by your head!
That's where it came from.
I sometimes like things in their proper place.


      Good people often think goodness resides in a polite and gentle demeanor. They believe that such an attitude indicates the successful completion of a spiritual quest and marks them as superior individuals. If that demeanor is a means to assert superiority, or to dominate or subjugate others, or to seek selfish ends then it is not goodness they possess. Their quest is not complete and is perhaps even misdirected.
      Truth and knowledge are the lucid, strong and autonomous perception of undiluted reality. Love of life and benevolence will, we hope, spring from truth and knowledge but goodness is not required to possess them. It does not indicate their possession even if genuine.

Q. In an overcrowded world, why not encourage willing suicides?
A. No, because those who would be good enough to give their lives would be leaving the Earth to those who should be culled in order to make life worth living. Screw them! At least don't make it easier for the parasites!


      "Don't you like people?"


      "Why not?"

      "Because we're too noisy and we think we're
much smarter than the evidence supports!"

           What Is There to Rebel Against?

      The only discernable purpose of life is to survive and breed. Other than that, it is only what you choose to make it. If you don't survive long enough you can't breed or having bred, you can't nurture and protect your young to maturity. Survival is primal. As a species we are indifferent as to which individuals survive or whether they continue to live after raising their brood.
      To live, we require food and shelter. (Medicine, education, armaments, etc. come under those two main headings.) Group formation aids in securing and maintaining food and shelter.
      Conquest of other groups secures additional land on which to carry on the process of life. It may allow growth of the group by increased breeding activity and/or assimilation of the conquered population. Peoples may be eliminated to free up land and resources. The vanquished may also be enslaved. If your group already consists of masters and slaves, conquest may result in an increase of wealth for the masters. More slaves equals more producers.
      Slaves are not directly provided with the means of survival. They are instead provided with tokens which they exchange for the necessities of life. Slaves produce these things themselves but the goods are gathered and held by the masters who claim they are private property. The assertion is backed up by police and armies, who are themselves slaves owned by the masters.
      The armies, among other uses, are required to expand or prevent being expanded upon. They always consist of trained slaves. They are controlled by specially trained overseers (corrupted to officers). Officers, like CEOs, politicians, judges and managers, are highly trained slaves who are entrusted with the care of common slaves and rewarded with a comfortable survival. Another way to acheive comfort to start one's own business.
      The difficulty of starting a business is complicated by resistance from existing masters. Directly or indirectly, the use of slaves will be required for your business to succeed. Masters are jealous of their slaves.
      Even though your business may not employ slave labor, you (presumably) profit in the tokens which symbolically represent the produce of slaves. The masters, as a group, want all the tokens returned to themselves. They cultivated the system for their own benefit and resent any upstarts use of their world! It's not impossible to become a master by starting your own business. It's not impossible to win the lottery or become a superstar. Assign probabilities to those possibilities and compare them.
      Perhaps you think the system is unfair? Remember your training! If everyone tried to jump off the bridge at the same time there would be no where to stand on the bridge. Besides, the pile of bodies would soon make the jump inefficient. Those merely crippled would be a burden to society. If we were all masters there would be no one to produce anything and we'd all starve. Granted, over the centuries the number of masters has increased (and some have been replaced). The number of rapists and murderers has also increased, like the masters, in proportion to the size of the population. But there must be a ratio of maximum efficiency.
      Currently, there are about 5% masters and 95% slaves. The one in twenty ratio of excessively aggressive and manipulative to passive and dependent personalities seems to work pretty well so don't rock the boat! And, if you must assert yourself, certainly don't attack the system! Simply incorporate enough evil into your existence to scare the masters (be careful not to get caught breaking laws). Then they will allow you to be like them. You may turn on your own and become a parasite. Thus the system will be preserved and the notion that everyone gets what they deserve will be reinforced. A truly rebelious example could be disastrous.
      However, you needn't concern yourself too much about the possibility of a successful rebellion against exploitation of the majority by the minority. The textbook example of how the system defends itself occured 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ suggested giving away all property and emulating his way of life. Apparently He was building quite a power base and the authorities had to use force and guile to suppress Him and His ideas. Many of His followers were also executed before the empire could corrupt His teachings, coopt the surviving leaders and return to normal business.
      It's seldom necessary to go to such extremes today, though violent repression always lurks in the background. Threats to the system are ordinarily dealt with by withholding rewards. The system rarely resorts to physical abuse even when large segments of a population are involved. If changing technology and growing numbers of people make many of us unnecessary to profitable production for the masters, the expendable slaves are starved to death or die of nutrition related diseases, lack of medical attention or exposure. Who needs crosses and lions when we have joblessness and welfare reform? And who threatens the System anyway? Education and television have dealt with the source of such thoughts so thoroughly, they only rarely, if ever, come to the surface of an enthralled mind.

           Massmind, It's Under Control

      What is it? Group dynamics, mobthink and "national mood" are names I've used or heard. Whatever you call the phenomena it has little to do with thinking. At best it is a concurrent emotion or mood that moves a group in unity. There is a poverty of thought by the individuals who form the group and not much more by those who try to inspire the motive and control the motion. The "leaders" often get carried away themselves. Hitler's reign of terror is probably an example of what results when one believes ones own bullshit.
      The cohesive force is the powerful instinct to conform. It's exact nature might be an interesting thing to study but, like gravity, you don't need to know it's cause to know it's there. The belief in and worship of individuality is a paradox, perhaps evidence of cultural schizophrenia. While believing, "thinking", and doing exactly what everyone else does the individual simutaneously considers the self to be unique and even thoughtful. George Orwell says it better than I can. The concept of "doublethink" is the classic description but it obviously needs to be said over and over until someone catches on.
      Control of mobthink has been the desire of all human cultures. Twentieth century psychologists and sociologists have made some progress but haven't perfected it as well as some notable historical figures such as Chenkis Kahn and Julius Caesar. The governments of Elizebeth I, William of Orange and Oliver Cromwell were also quite effective. But achieving total control without the use of terror is a recent accomplishment. Advertisers and politicians, with the help of psychologists, consider themselves to be adept at the manipulation of massmind while, ironically, their competition among themselves for control of the mob forces them to be the most conformist true believers therein. But blinders on the nominal leaders don't hamper the drivers, the ruling elite, in the guidance to our destiny.
      The hands on the reigns, the hands of 5% of the population, haven't faltered in 6000 years. Even when they change hands we continue to pull their load. They live in luxury while we live in misery. They never tire of jerking us around just to keep us off balance and unable to get a good look at them. There is no conspiracy in this either. They even compete with one another but operate in perfect consensus with respect to the uses we are to be put to.
      Many people [intuitively] know all this as teenagers and young adults. They try to adopt ideals and principles to counter the travesty of ages. Most are so coopted and/or compromised by the time they are thirty they may as well have never known the truth.
      But we must have some compassion for those who appear to have forgotten. It was do or die for them. Those who do not surrender have at best an uncomfortable life to live; except the rare few who are able to create an independent means of survival. Refusal to submit to the system often results in homelessness and premature death by exposure, malnutrition or related diseases. (By the way, alcoholism is more often the result than the cause of the slide into homelessness.) There are few who would rather die than live in slavery. And so, though there is little security within the System, only constant fear, the majority submit to control to save their lives. They choose to live enthralled, as true believers (the System requires true belief), and exorcise the memory of the choice they made lest it undermine their confidence, self esteem and dignity.
      "And you ask why I don't live here?
      Honey, how come you don't move?" (Bob Dylan, circa 1965)

           The Greatest Lie

      "Most people believe the culture, society, government and economy to be basically good or at least the best alternative from which to choose. Why do I believe otherwise? Can the majority be wrong?"

      "It is unavoidable to conclude that the western culture of which our societies are an expression, is based on expoitation, employing slavery or enthrallment of the majority by a minority. It is obvious that the rich and the poor have always been with us. We believe it is right and proper for the majority to do the work to support a minority in luxury. If we won't admit the idea that we are slaves it is because we are enthralled with the idea that the situation is just, or possibly just best. With that in mind it is impossible to find any alternatives from which to choose. I presume examples like China or Cuba to be unacceptable. Without a choice to make, we can only decide if this society is good enough to leave alone or bad enough to destroy, whether or not an alternative can be found. Or can we change it into something better?
      "Most people will admit our society has big problems but are afraid to consider change because it could be worse. Some believe it is good as it is. I don't agree with either of those positions because, among other reasons, I think neither group has examined the existing culture thoroughly. They rely on information that comes, ultimately, from politicians, who are controlled by the ruling elite. The delusions are propagated through education, media and even parents (who are true believers after several generations have been subjected to the same [type of] information and arguments). Almost everyone appears to have been deluded by the lies of the rulers ('special interest groups'). The deception has been worsened with the repression of labor in the past thirty years. Lies have always been used, with respect to contemporary issues, to control populations. The propaganda I'm particularly concerned about is that which seems to be the cohesive force of society.
      "We form groups and societies for our mutual economic benefit. That is true of a clan which hunts, gathers plant foods, builds it own shelters, makes its own clothes and teaches its young to do the same; just as it is of an advanced technological society like America's. Sharing the tasks and the rewards is obvious in the hunter gatherer's society. There is little room for abuse and violators wouldn't live long enough to create traditions of exploitation. But today we have come to believe that exploitation by five per cent of the population is the natural order of things. One hundred years ago religion was universally used as the greatest lie. Today it has been replaced for many by the 'natural order' of social darwinism. The important point is we all continue to work for them, holding society together thereby, because we are deluded, believing it to be good, or because we are afraid to do otherwise. We are either fools or cowards!"
      There is no point to debating with "free trade capitalists" or their thralls. They are the ruling elite. They will never willingly release their strangle hold on the rest of humanity. No argument or appeal will breech their solidarity. They must be wrenched loose and their power broken by main force. Violence is the thing they fear, the only thing that affects them. Even though they have learned to divert and stall nonviolent action so effectively that it is no longer a meaningful alternative, I'll never advocate violence. The power of the conservative political propaganda machine in America is too strong to allow me to do any good from a jail cell. I may not be able to help in any case but that is no reason not to try. Anyway, I have little else to do and it fights boredom.

Encourage me!
Greg Kaiser
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