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Devolution to the Lowest Common Denominator of Morality and Scruples
by A. Gregory Kaiser

      The United States and most of the human race have morally devolved to a low common denominator of selfishness and greed. Yes, there are lots of good people but nobody listens to US, not even ourselves. We are condemned by the hostile social/economic environment we have allowed to be created, to act, for the most part, without sincerity or good will. There are less of US in each succeeding generation, who can maintain our integrity for a lifetime. Unless we unite in our common self interest, we wonít improve the conditions in which weíre forced to struggle in order to survive. The necessity to care for our individual selves requires that we compete with those to whom we must be united to save US all. [Constant repetition is the way that automatic or conditioned thought responses are installed. For instance: "Competition is good for us!" As you read this essay, count how many such responses it stimulates in you and which counter what I say.]
      The corporate interests, which have driven our decline in overdrive for the past few decades, own the democratically elected representatives who create the laws of our republic and so create the environment in which we struggle to survive. The corporate over lords are interested only in profit and foolishly ignore their negative effect on the community whose purchases have always been the source of it. The low wage high profit formula impoverishes the consumers who buy the products on which the profit is made. We have sunk very low into the hole [our public and private debt] created for rich investors to stash their wealth. I know if we will just stop digging we can climb out again. There really is no hope that todayís politicians will throw off the yoke of corporate domination that holds their mind to the will of the masters and the body of their work to enlarging the pit. They canít even think the thoughts that will set themselves free. What can they possibly do for US? We must do it for ourselves. No God or Hero will save US. But in the end, it is only hopeless if we believe it is so! Instead of allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another for the benefit of our masters, we must turn on the rich and their corporate clones and wholly owned subsidiary politicians. When we speak as one, they will listen!
      But they anticipate our objections and speak first. Thatís how they keep US fooled. When I hear Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, say that there is an up side to the housing bubble in the wealth created in peoples homes, I know how profound our folly has become. When the oft proclaimed "top" economist of the land doesnít know the difference between money and wealth, or thinks we donít and so the banks may continue the usury pyramid scam a while longer, then I know that hard times are nigh at hand. The so called growth in our economy is imaginary. Our economic processes are 79% service. That means that 21% of the activity produces the real goods that support everything. Overall, 20% of the economy is financial service, which is purely imaginary. Usury takes a percentage of the profit on the work of the community and gives nothing real or substantial in return. The interest you pay on your mortgage is more lost to you and the community than taxes. Taxes at least provide roads and an army. The only real thing that financial service puts into our system is inflation. The interest adds to the price without changing the value, availability or quantity of goods. To see this imagine that the only economic activity on Earth is financial; that all income comes from increase in prices and money supply due to the profits of banking, insurance and investors and no one works to make real goods or at farming, mining etc. or even transportation or communication. Need I say more?
      When the ultimate impossibility of sustaining the purely abstract economy of finance is glimpsed by rich elites wholly dependent on it or the wannabees of the middle and lower classes, they take solace in the belief that there will always be those beneath them who may be bound by debt or poverty to virtual slavery working to produce the goods required for the would be royal aristocrats to live. But they donít see themselves as an oppressive parasitic disease that afflicts the human race. They bolster their self esteem with pretensions of superiority of intellect, morality, spiritual and genetic values. They believe to a man that they deserve to be served by the unwashed masses and when backed into a corner will, abandoning their demagogic face, obstinately say to fairness and change, "Not on my watch!" That had closely followed, "Itís always been this way!" which had failed to daunt the objector. Oh, I almost forget. "What are you going to replace it with?" . . . As if this self destructive system of slow death is better than standing up to fight and die in an all but hopeless gesture of defiance!
      The elites and their middle class fools donít know that the Black, Hispanic and even some of the poor White Kids are seeing through the contrived veil of bigotry, nationalism and phony competition. Poor kids rebel against the economic hopelessness that continuing to support the idle [or occupied with busyness] rich, makes inevitable for most of US. Yeah itís true, like young people everywhere they tend to react in unhealthy or futile ways but soon the prisons will have more inmates than we can afford to keep and theyíll be slapped on the wrist and released just like the upscale kids. Many people, even some so called mature ones, are beginning to see that looking down on someone supposedly worse off is just a means of pitting US against one another. Like racial and religious bigotry and nationalism, the ego boost from imagined superiority and competition amongst ourselves serve only the rich masters of US all. But are the elites and wannabees aware of the [our] tyranny over the population [ourselves] or are they [we] as deluded as they hope their victims always will be? Of course theyíre [weíre] deluded! In reality there are no elites. Theyíre [weíre] all wannabees, who are superior only in their [our] ability to conjure their [our] own hubris.
      The economic tyranny began when the royal aristocracies rose up in Europe as an unconscious mockery of the fallen Roman Empire. Later, the middle class grew from renaissance traders, merchants and shopkeepers to include clerks, accountants and foremen/overseers at the time of industrialization. Most of the early industrialists soon to be capitalists must have gained a start from the royal aristocrats who supported or patronized their enterprises, for a percentage of the profit. The most successful of old and new orders eventually become bankers or engaged in other purely abstract activities of finance, as they do to this day. They are the capitalists.
      Today, as a thousand or two thousand years ago, newcomers to the fraud [successful wannabees] are coopted and serve the masters by managing the wealth producing machine that is constructed of the community substance we call ordinary people. Keep in mind, the stranglehold of established wealth on the economy makes the probability of great success by newcomers grow smaller over time. We have devolved to the point that thereís a greater chance of winning the lottery or becoming a sports or movie star than achieving entrepreneurial greatness.
      The middle class is better educated but expected to support the masters in exchange for their privilege and greater material allowance. They are themselves slaves but donít know it. They also serve as a buffer between the masters and the slaves who do the real work of producing wealth. The middle class is more thoroughly and effectively controlled by the illusion of gaining great wealth than the workers they command. The extrapolated end of our world of [self] delusion comes when no one works and we all live off of our investments; that is: by the work of others. That of course is the implied and expressed promise that can never be fulfilled. Because what it is determines itís end. Abomination is what it is and has been for thousands of years. The community serves an elite few instead of the common well being for which God and/or Nature intended it. Our diversion from common good to the enrichment of a few individuals can only lead to a dead end.
      How have we been reduced at the highest levels to the lowest common denominator of morality, scruples and how have we becomes so self destructively stupid? One day on CNN it was reported that several retired generals, pointing out the mistakes in Iraq, have called for the resignation of The Rummy. It was repeated many times that an active duty general may not publicly criticize the president or policy but that it is their duty to speak their mind in private or to resign if they canít in good conscience, support the present regime. They are expected to give up their career for the good of the country and considered derelict if they wonít. After working for government contractors and private industry I really donít see much difference between private, public and military in the requirement to tow the line or fall on your sword. Well, they canít court martial you in private or non-military government service. But they can and will get rid of whistle blowers, truth speakers and other "malcontents."
      So what is the result of all the pressure to conformity of lying? Simply put, those who are thoughtful or ruled by good will, community spirit or morality will step aside rather than criticize their immoral bosses and elected leaders. This leaves the door of opportunity open for the selfish, unprincipled and amoral scum that remains. That explains the Bush administration at least. But itís worse than that. If you, a morally upright person, decides to stay inside and await an opportunity to have an effect, then youíre liable to be branded false and to have your duplicity thrown in your face when [and if] the critical time finally arrives. You, if judged a serious threat, will be roasted in the propaganda fueled fires of media manufactured public opinion. Your grossly immoral boss or peers will scorn you for not having done what you think is right.
      There will be no sense of irony or hypocrisy in your persecutors when this happens. Theyíre too stupid to know that their unscrupulousness is such or that they are responsible for our general decline. Hell, they donít even know theyíre being manipulated and controlled by the economically elite in whose hierarchy theyíve risen, by their increasingly ruthless, unscrupulous and otherwise antisocial tactics. Even among the elite few masters thereís little consciousness of anything beyond a delusional sense of superiority, self deception of deservedness and complacency. The only measure of the efficiency of their fraud is the rate at which the human race falls into the folly of self destruction we call an economy. They actually believe their greed is good for the community!
      Are the forces that push our culture in the direction of the least common denominators of morality, scruples and behaviors and lowest levels of honesty, sincerity and good will the inevitable result of human nature? Can a community survive, when everyone takes as much for themselves as they can get and no one acts with sincere good will for the common well being? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO! God and/or Nature did not intend US to be ruled by selfish parasites. Human nature provides a social instinct. We band together for our common interests and protection. Our natural imperative to do so helps to assure the survival of the human race. Those who take from the community for individual enrichment are agents of abomination of human nature. They are a threat to our survival: an offense to God and Nature.
      The president has shown US the righteousness of preemptive acts of self defense. We should act to protect our lives and those of our children from the rich parasites that afflict the human race. We must defend our lives! United in resistance to the evil of the selfish, inhuman parasite masters, we can prevail. We can save the human race. Their power to enslave US to creating wealth for them is their money. Take away their money! Vote for candidates dedicated to taxing the rich until there are none. The services we all need, we need to provide for ourselves on a non-profit basis. That is what it means to be a community.
      There would be no rich, if we refused to work to create their wealth.

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