"It Can't Happen Here"

The advertisement that follows is a work of fiction. Any similarity of the clones described, with today's middle class, is noted but unintentional. It is no coincidence that I have ressurected this 1999 work at the end of 2002, at the time of the announcement in Italy that the first human clone is due to be born in February 2003.

   Menial, semi-skilled and skilled clones available at $500-$900/month. (depends on skill level) Replace your workforce with 24 hour/day, maintenance free, rugged, durable, voiceless, ambitionless clones.
   The technology is here today! We can supply you with preprogrammed, mouthless, stomach-less clones for one half to one eighth of your current labor costs. These amazing creatures are 'born' fully mature and trained to perform your task. There is no costly new employee training. They have enough knowledge and learning ability to do the job but not enough to exhibit antisocial tendencies such as demanding compensation; nor do they live long enough to learn them. What an improvement over today's grasping workers!
   Our clones are created with enough body fat and stored water to last their entire one month lifespan. Imagine the cost savings latent in this property.
   They're strong enough to work 24 hours per day seven days per week, take no breaks and never complain. They're built without mouths. They can replace four, forty hour plus workers at half the cost. Pricing at half the cost of a single forty hour worker produces an eightfold cost reduction.
   They require only clothing suitable for the work environment (available at a modest charge) and that may be passed on to their replacement next month.
   For as long as you keep your contractual agreement current we will keep your station manned.

[No replacements will be supplied in cases of deliberate or negligent abuse or destruction of clones, without an additional charge. Proven costs due to premature shutdown or breakdown is covered under our warranty/insurance at a modest additional expense.]

   Imagine a world without excess population! We must make only what we need. There will be no need to export jobs, risking the inability to produce critical goods in times of trouble, in order to increase profits. And we will have even more absolute control over our servants!
   Cheap, efficient, proprietary, semihuman servants to care for all your needs.

[Offer not valid in states with anticlone legislation in force. Know your local code before importing clones. This corporation is not responsible for litigation costs associated with your freedom of choice. Get out and vote for legislators committed to corporate freedom and initiatives supporting corporate cultured clones.]

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